When something happens…

In the West, they ask what they can do about it.

In the East, we ask what has caused it.

If the digestive system (the second immune system) and the immune system are not functioning properly, all other systems are affected without fail.

In Chinese Medicine, the digestive system is referred to as the “middle burner” and healing it is often the key to a person’s lasting healing, regardless of their condition. The effectiveness of treatment for clients with digestive conditions is greatly augmented by including a holistic approach to effective dietary improvements, whole food concentrates and botanical medicine.

The National Digestive Diseases Clearinghouse states that 60-70 million people are affected by all digestive diseases (1996), that there are 14.5 million non-institutionalized adults with diagnosed ulcers, and there were 234,000 digestive-related deaths, including deaths from cancer in 2002.

Annually, there are some 600,000 gallbladders removals in the US! Fortunately, nearly all of these digestive disharmonies are preventable with the correct restorative natural support.

Anyone suffering from digestive imbalances can benefit from a holistic approach to clinical nutrition. The Stomach System releases the energy stored in food and the Spleen System distributes the food energy through the body. Food can be medicine or it can be poison. The digestive system is only the beginning….

Using Functional Nutrition, we work from the nervous system to the endocrines, from the respiratory system to the cardiovascular, from the musculoskeletal system to the lymphatic system, from the digestive system to immunity, and from mental health to brain function.

We look at the function of the whole body vs the pathology of the different body parts.

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